Warsaw/Richmond County Triad

A partnership between local law enforcement, seniors and senior service providers










The name of this organization shall be the Seniors And Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.)

Advisory Council of the Warsaw/Richmond County TRIAD.




These By-Laws shall be binding to all members and are to be strictly construed to limit authority as contained herein.



The purpose of the S.A.L.T. Council shall be to further the goals and objectives of the TRIAD, a joint venture between the Warsaw Police Department, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Organizations representing seniors and concerned citizens to reduce the criminal victimization and promote the safety of older persons through the use of education, facilitated communication, cooperative strategies, planning, programming and supportive services.


The S.A.L.T. Council will have the following responsibilities, developed jointly with Law Enforcement to create goals and establish objectives consistent with the needs of the community.


  1. S.A.L.T. Council Goals
  1. Create a realistic sense of security among the older population while alleviating feelings of helplessness.
  2. Improve the communication between local Law Enforcement and the senior population.
  1. S.A.L.T. Objectives
  1. Provide guidance in developing, implementing and evaluating programs aimed at improving safety and security of the senior population of Warsaw and Richmond County.
  1. Inventory existing initiatives designed to meet local seniors’ needs.
  2. Identify crime-related perceptions of older persons in the community.
  3. Prioritize identified needs.
  4. Recommend new programs and expansion of current programs designed to meet the identified needs.
  5. Assist in implementation of these programs.
  6. Evaluate effectiveness of programs. 
  7. ARTICLE III Cont’d:
  1. Assist Law Enforcement Officials in Warsaw and Richmond County in planning for the future needs of a rapidly growing population.
  1. Provide education to the community and Law Enforcement Officials on the changing profiles of the aging population.
  2. Improve sensitivity of local Law Enforcement personnel to the special needs of the elderly through education programs.
  3. Provide opportunities for senior citizens to participate in programs to increase feeling of self-worth.
  1. Provide assistance in the delivery of victim assistance for the elderly.
  1. Provide education to the elderly population and the community at large about a victim assistance program.
  2. Provide education to the community on elder abuse, to include recognition and sources of assistance.
  1. Gather and make available to seniors various materials for local resources, including business discounts and services for seniors.
  2. Coordinate and promote Fund Raising events to raise monies to carry out the goals and objectives of the TRIAD. ARTICLE IV: MEMBERSHIPMembership Qualifications and Terms:
  3. Members should have demonstrated their interest and commitment to the needs of the elderly in the community. A representative from each of the following disciplines is encouraged to join the council:
  1. Law Enforcement personnel from the Warsaw Police Department, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police;
  2. The local Emergency and Fire Services;
  3. Bay Aging;
  4. The local Senior Center and Nutritional sites;
  5. Local Dept. of Social Services and Adult Protective Services;
  6. Richmond County Health Dept.;
  7. Local Home Health, Personal Care and Hospice Agencies and Long Term Care Providers and Facilities;
  8. Local Banks;
  9. Members of the Legal Community
  10. Rappahannock Community College;
  11. Advocates for seniors;
  12. Interested citizens;
  1. A member must have attended four (4) meetings in a twelve month period to be eligible to vote.
  2. At least 50% of the membership should be over age 50.  ARTICLE IV Cont’d:
  5. Members shall have a right to present and speak for two (2) minutes, which may be extended by the presiding Chair. 
  1. The elected Executive Board Officers of the S.A.L.T. Council shall consist of seven members: a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary and four at large members.
  2. A three (3) member Nominating Committee shall be appointed at the August meeting prior to an officer’s term ending and shall present a slate of candidates for the office at the November meeting. The committee shall elect its own chair.
  3. Officers shall be elected from within the membership for a two (2) year term. Terms may be staggered in order to provide continuity. The election shall be held at the November meeting*, with those elected assuming office January 1st. Officers may be re-elected to the same office. The terms of the officers elected in the initial election shall continue until December 31, 2014.
  4. *Note that the initial election of officers of this TRIAD Council shall be at the March, 2012 meeting.
  5. If an elected officer’s position becomes vacant, the Chair shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term.
  6. An elected officer may be removed without reason or explanation by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at a regular meeting of eligible members in attendance. The removal of any officer shall be conducted at a regular meeting. A motion shall be made by an officer, seconded by an officer and two thirds (2/3) of voters or four (4) officers must vote for removal. Once removed, the vacancy shall be filled according to rules established by these By-Laws.
  7. The Warsaw Police Department, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, the Virginia State Police, the Richmond County Emergency Services and the Richmond County Department of Social Services should each have one representative on the S.A.L.T. Council.
  8. It is expected that all S.A.L.T. Council officers will attend the scheduled monthly meetings unless unavoidably prevented from attending. Those unable to attend will notify the TRIAD Chair prior to the meeting time in order to continue participation on the Council. Three consecutive absences from scheduled meetings may result in an officer’s dismissal from the Executive Board and Council.
  9. Any officer wishing to resign from the S.A.L.T. Council shall submit his/her resignation in writing to the Chair.ARTICLE VI: DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND MEMBERS
  1. Duties of Officers:
  1. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Council; the Chair shall appoint committee Chairs as needed and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee. The agenda is determined by the Chair in conjunction with other officers. The Chair may appoint an Administrative Assistant from a Law Enforcement Office to assist the Council’s Executive Board with communications to its members.
  2. The Chair shall ensure:
  1. that a membership list is maintained
  2. that minutes of each meeting are kept
  3. that timely notifications of all meetings are sent to each member
  4. that records of member attendance are kept
  5. and that correspondence should be coordinated between the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and the Board’s members at large
  1. The Vice Chair shall fill in for the Chair in his/her absence and follow the Chair’s specified duties listed above in #2 when filling in for the Chair.
  1. Duties of Members:
  1. Each member shall be familiar with the purpose and mission of the S.A.L.T. Council, should attend all regular and special meetings of the S.A.L.T. Council and shall strive to serve on at least one (1) committee or event each year.  
  1. Voting by eligible members shall be conducted as follows. All motions shall be made by voice. If a second is made then discussion shall follow. The presiding Chair may close discussion after a reasonable amount of time or a member may “Call for the Question”. A vote shall immediately follow. The person making the motion may amend the motion after discussion and it must be seconded. Two minutes shall be sufficient time to receive a second and the presiding Chair shall close the motion, as failed if no second is made within the time limit. Only one motion may be made at a time. In order to make a new motion, the previous motion must either not receive a second or be voted on with a result. All voting shall be done by voice, tallied by the presiding Chair and recorded. There are three options to voting: yes, no and abstain. Except for as described otherwise within these By-Laws, a vote carries if the majority of those voting vote “yes”. A vote fails if less than a majority of those voting vote “yes” or a majority vote “no” or the vote ends in a tie. Those voting may only vote once during a call for a vote.
  2. Voting by members for installation of officers shall be by paper ballot. ARTICLE VIII: COMMITTEES
  1. The Chair may appoint Committees of three to five (3-5) members as necessary to carry out any special needs.
  2. All Committee Chairs will be encouraged to enlist other committee members from not only the S.A.L.T. Council membership, but from the general community.   ARTICLE IX: MEETINGS
  • The S.A.L.T. Council shall meet at least six (6) times a calendar year (usually the fourth Tuesday of a month). Members will be advised in advance of the meeting location. At least two (2) meetings each year should be held at a location providing services primarily to seniors.


  1. Meetings are designed to be informative with the S.A.L.T. Council Chair officiating.
  2. Special meetings may be called at the request of the Council Chair.
  3. A quorum shall consist of at least three (3) officers and four (4) Council members.ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS TO BY-LAWSThese By-Laws may be amended under the following conditions:
  1. Written notice from any member to the Chair must be received ten (10) days prior to a scheduled meeting.
  2. The proposed amendment must be discussed by the membership.
  3. The proposed amendment must lie on the table for thirty (30) days.
  4. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of those eligible voting members in attendance at the regular meeting is required.
  5. These By-Laws have been revised and approved by the Warsaw/Richmond County TRIAD Council on the 24th day of March 2015.  

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