Warsaw/Richmond County Triad

A partnership between local law enforcement, seniors and senior service providers

Alert! Recent Scams

scam alertAt the March 24 Triad meeting, Warsaw County Sheriff Dougie Bryant and Board member Sandie Doptis reported on some recent and ongoing scams that we should all be on the lookout for:

  1. An official-looking letter asks you to pay $83 to verify information about your real estate property. This is a scam. County authorities have all the information they need, and would never ask you for money to verify information.
  2. People went to file income tax, and were told their return had already been filed. If this happens to you, Sheriff’s office has forms to fill out to notify the proper people to get this corrected.
  3. Court appearance (Sandie Doptis) – got email notice to appear at Clerk of DC Superior Court. If had opened it, it was a virus that would have taken over computer. “Keep in mind that no government agency will ever notify you by telephone or by email. They are required by law to get in touch with you via first-class mail or in person.”
  4. Medicare/Medicaid – people pose as government representatives and ask for personal information. Don’t give out anything!
  5. Counterfeit prescription drug scam – someone contacts you about discounted rates on drugs. Stay away from that.
  6. Fake accident ploy – con artist poses as grandchild who needs money wired because they’re in trouble or had an accident. If you get a call, verify; call the person or the parent.

If you have questions, or want to report a scam, contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s office: 804-333-3611.

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